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Remember name, money,fame and jobs all are  temporary.The most concern is your friends and family . Some people work day and night because want to get promoted ,want to earn more money but  they neglected  their friends and family and their health..They too concentrated their work ,even when they reached home still thinking their work.Workaholic is dangerous. Workaholic work more than others.And they are addicted. .Finish  one item of  work before starting another one is the best..Last time I also a workaholic,And I talk less and less to my family and friends.My mind is only how to improved  my business.I don”t like crowded.I  like to keep myself alone.After I read a book about workaholic then I found that I am the one .Now I changed .I don”t put work and money  too important. What the point having so much money if you don”t have time to enjoy with your family and friends.Life is short.When you die ,nothing you can take away.Precious the moment with your family and friends.


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