The Secret Door ( 1)

In My life on June 10, 2012 by kath6843

What is the secret  door ?  Secret door is to take interest in your work and enjoying what you are doing .Everybody fear to change ,fear to face difficult task .We should face it around us , in my mind there are some unforseen good will come to us if we had faith. Everybody had a god . Me too also have. I  believed my God of Plenty will help me clear out all my burden .  At first i wanted to start my business ,after so many years of being a mother. But I got it.My God of Plenty makes a way where there is no way.And he did that for me because I had the faith.I always keep patient in my intuition that God of Plenty will   guide  me. I always try  to say good expectation like  I expect a change for the better and I  know I inviting  better condition to come. I sometime hear people say :” I don”t go into the shop because I can”t afford  to buy anythiing . I watching  a watch in the window shopping many years , I hope I can get it . Now my wish come true . Faith is the substance of the things hoped for.If you walk under a ladder ,the ladder will bring you bad luck. The ladder is quite innocent . Bad luck came because you expected it.You need  to think and dream sometimes. If you had the passion and desire , one of your dream will come true..


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