The Secret door (2)

In My life on June 20, 2012 by kath6843

Someone called me up recently and she said she is looking desperately. and I told her to look for praise and look for the bright side. And she told me of course you say look for praise  and look for the bright side because your life go smoothly. I told her , everyone in this world no one is born out smoothly When I was down ,I never blame my God of plenty or my family or anything. I known they will be my site support me. And I know my God of plenty had a weapon to surprise me.. A poor person  worried about money. A rich person no need to worry money but they shifted their worried to health. Some people didn’t catch up their good of life. They will say . ” my life has always been hardship .no good luck follow me. Why ? Maybe they didn’t acheive the opportunity when it come or through laziness. A woman told a group of friends that she had not eaten for three days.So her friends help her to find a job but she refused to work.She explained that she never got up until 12 afternoon.We must be careful not to slip into lazy  states of mind Energy and persistence conquer all things..Sometimes we will make wrong decision and wrong way No matter what you are doing, ask for guidance.It saves time and energy..I shared a story with you. During a Christmas ,in a big shop  a women ask  a salegirl supposed today is  your busiest day. But the salesgirl say NO ,  is the day after Christmas because customer will bring most of the thing back Many people choosing the wrong gift .


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