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The Secret door (2)

In My life on June 20, 2012 by kath6843

Someone called me up recently and she said she is looking desperately. and I told her to look for praise and look for the bright side. And she told me of course you say look for praise  and look for the bright side because your life go smoothly. I told her , everyone in this world no one is born out smoothly When I was down ,I never blame my God of plenty or my family or anything. I known they will be my site support me. And I know my God of plenty had a weapon to surprise me.. A poor person  worried about money. A rich person no need to worry money but they shifted their worried to health. Some people didn’t catch up their good of life. They will say . ” my life has always been hardship .no good luck follow me. Why ? Maybe they didn’t acheive the opportunity when it come or through laziness. A woman told a group of friends that she had not eaten for three days.So her friends help her to find a job but she refused to work.She explained that she never got up until 12 afternoon.We must be careful not to slip into lazy  states of mind Energy and persistence conquer all things..Sometimes we will make wrong decision and wrong way No matter what you are doing, ask for guidance.It saves time and energy..I shared a story with you. During a Christmas ,in a big shop  a women ask  a salegirl supposed today is  your busiest day. But the salesgirl say NO ,  is the day after Christmas because customer will bring most of the thing back Many people choosing the wrong gift .



The Secret Door ( 1)

In My life on June 10, 2012 by kath6843

What is the secret  door ?  Secret door is to take interest in your work and enjoying what you are doing .Everybody fear to change ,fear to face difficult task .We should face it around us , in my mind there are some unforseen good will come to us if we had faith. Everybody had a god . Me too also have. I  believed my God of Plenty will help me clear out all my burden .  At first i wanted to start my business ,after so many years of being a mother. But I got it.My God of Plenty makes a way where there is no way.And he did that for me because I had the faith.I always keep patient in my intuition that God of Plenty will   guide  me. I always try  to say good expectation like  I expect a change for the better and I  know I inviting  better condition to come. I sometime hear people say :” I don”t go into the shop because I can”t afford  to buy anythiing . I watching  a watch in the window shopping many years , I hope I can get it . Now my wish come true . Faith is the substance of the things hoped for.If you walk under a ladder ,the ladder will bring you bad luck. The ladder is quite innocent . Bad luck came because you expected it.You need  to think and dream sometimes. If you had the passion and desire , one of your dream will come true..


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Remember name, money,fame and jobs all are  temporary.The most concern is your friends and family . Some people work day and night because want to get promoted ,want to earn more money but  they neglected  their friends and family and their health..They too concentrated their work ,even when they reached home still thinking their work.Workaholic is dangerous. Workaholic work more than others.And they are addicted. .Finish  one item of  work before starting another one is the best..Last time I also a workaholic,And I talk less and less to my family and friends.My mind is only how to improved  my business.I don”t like crowded.I  like to keep myself alone.After I read a book about workaholic then I found that I am the one .Now I changed .I don”t put work and money  too important. What the point having so much money if you don”t have time to enjoy with your family and friends.Life is short.When you die ,nothing you can take away.Precious the moment with your family and friends.


Enjoy your life

In My life on June 5, 2012 by kath6843

No matter you are a student, a housewife or workers . Love yourself. Love other Love  the ones who treat you right.  Give love without expecting it  to  be returned. Every night I went to  bed ,I was happy what I had  done today and waiting for tomorrow sunrise.If you felt today things aren’t going right.Nevermind  there is always tomorrow.Tomorrow, things will change better.You will feel better once you think of good things.Don”t be discourage if you fail. Don”t  take life so serious. Laugh ,play and have fun. Think of everything you have in your life and just be thankful for  them.These are always remind me  when things hard to solve    “I know I can do it ”  ” I am brave ‘ ” I won”t give up ” “Anythings is possible if  you step by step do it ” . I like to read quotes ,it will inspired and motivated me.



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Recently we went to a new opening restaurant. As it was crowded . So  I take  a queue.When it my turn I place the order. We waited about an hour but nobody serving us.. So I went to ask the waitress ,so she asked which table I sit and point to her because the table don”t have number stated  on it .She just keep asking where where.  I felt  frustratedI told her to cancel .And  beside me got a man ,he want to paid his bill and the waitress ask him  what food he took .She keep on checking his receipt because receipt don>t have table number stated so she had to one by one checked..About 20 minutes she at last found the receipt . Is it wasting the time ,and lose your business .if you didn”t plan  properly.Sometomes having a good plan can help you live a better one.Your plan won’t work if you do not work.I have get  out of my comfort zone and i started planning.How about you.


Miss Home

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I have friends came from foreign country  like  Philippines, Indonesia ..etc They normally feel despression as they miss their family and friends.Here got some guideline that can help you to  overcome the feeling of missing home. 1) whenever you feel lonely , take out your family or friends photo it will help you have the inspiration and motivation why you   come here. 2) Connect to your family or friends with mobile once a week but not everyday because oversea calls is expensive. 3) Cook some food normally you eat at home. 4)Learn to meet new friends.


My life

In My life on June 2, 2012 by kath6843

If you have passion,you totally enjoy doing things with no pressure.Rather you whole day watching television, worring the housework not yet done,worring the kids. Give sometime to yourself..Take some hobbies like sewing if your eyesight is still good or reading many types of book even you not interested .you will feel the difference .Try once .

Destiny is in our line .not theirs. Don”t too much bother  what other people say Everyone also had joy and problem. No one is perfect. In my daily activities ,I had 80% joy 20% problem but it won”t kill me. I will treat my problem as self-improvement. Remember less worries mean less problem.

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